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Getting Started

First, make sure you understand the architecture and why we need to have Drone running before running a script using the Ostinato Python API.

The easy way to create a script is to use the Ostinato GUI to create and configure the streams and then save the streams as a Python Script - yes, you really can do that!

This is a good way to start and have something running quickly. You can open the generated .py file in an editor and look at the code. You can modify this generated script as per your needs.

However, there are a few limitations when auto generating the python script from the GUI - * Port configuration (e.g. transmit mode) is not saved in the py file * Device Emulation configuration is not saved in the py file

Note, the export is only one way - you cannot open a saved python script using the GUI.

The other way to create a script is to write it from scratch. Read the Tutorial for a walk through of an example script and then consult the API Reference.

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