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  • Python 3.4+ (or 2.7+)
  • protobuf 2.3+


Download Ostinato Python API package to a local folder and install it using -

$ pip install /local/path/to/package

If you already have an older version installed (including any rc/beta release), add --upgrade to the above command to upgrade.

You can do a quick check if your installation is successful by running the example module included in the distribution. First make sure drone is running and then run the below command -

python -m ostinato.example

The example expects the following topology -

 +-------+          +-------+
 |       |Tx--->----|       |
 | Drone |          |  DUT  |
 |       |Rx---<----|       |
 +-------+          +-------+

Drone has 2 ports connected to DUT. Packets sent on the Tx port are expected to be received back on the Rx port. An easy way to simulate the above topology is to select the loopback port as both Tx and Rx ports

When prompted by the module, provide the IP of drone and select the Tx/Rx ports (or accept the defaults chosen by the module).

See Tutorial for a walk-through of this example script.

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