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If you are porting your scripts from an earlier version of the Ostinato Python API to a newer version, you will find helpful information here.

To version 1.0

  • Default MAC mode has changed from fixed to resolve; scripts which assumed the default mac mode as fixed MUST be changed to set the mac mode explicitly. e.g.
from ostinato.protocols.mac_pb2 import mac, Mac # <--- import Mac

    # ...

    p = s.protocol.add() = ost_pb.Protocol.kMacFieldNumber
    p.Extensions[mac].dst_mac_mode = Mac.e_mm_fixed # <-- add this statement
    p.Extensions[mac].src_mac_mode = Mac.e_mm_fixed # <-- add this statement
    p.Extensions[mac].dst_mac = 0x001122334455
    p.Extensions[mac].src_mac = 0x00aabbccddee
  • A new API has been added to explicitly trigger a prebuild of packets. Although optional, it is highly recommend to use this API before invoking startTransmit().
    # prebuild all packets to be sent before actually sending them
    build_cfg = ost_pb.BuildConfig()
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