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ostinato.protocols.dot3_pb2 module

Configure 802.3 Ethernet attributes using Ostinato dot3 protocol in Ostinato streams for network packet customization

To add and configure Dot3 in a stream, add a protocol to the stream, set the protocol id to ost_pb.Protocol.kDot3FieldNumber and access the Dot3 object from the Protocol object's Extensions dictionary using the key dot3_pb2.dot3

from ostinato.protocols import dot3_pb2
# stream is an object of type ost_pb.Stream
proto = stream.protocol.add() = ost_pb.Protocol.kDot3FieldNumber
my_dot3 = proto.Extensions[dot3_pb2.dot3]

You can then set Dot3 attributes using my_dot3.<attribute>

Dot3 class

Class attributes


Dot3.is_override_length : boolean

Optional. If not set, defaults to False.


Dot3.length : long

Optional. If not set, defaults to 0.

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