Q. Is there an easier way to use the python-ostinato API?

You can save streams from the GUI as a python script.

You can also look at the following projects by community members that add simpler wrapper APIs to the Ostinato API -

Note that since these are wrapper APIs, you still need the Ostinato API.

Q. I configured a stream and called startTransmit(), but no packets are being transmitted. Why?

Check that Stream.core.is_enabled is set to True

Q. I configured multiple streams and called startTransmit(), but streams are being transmitted in a random order. Why?

In case of multiple streams, streams are ordered by the Stream.core.ordinal field (not by order of streams nor by stream id). Make sure you set the ordinal field in each stream correctly as per the required order.

Q. Ostinato python bindings don't work with Python 3

At this time Ostinato python bindings are compatible with Python 2 only and not with Python 3. The primary blocker for supporting Python 3 is the lack of official support of Python 3 in ProtoBuf. We are aware that there are third-party packages available, but our plan is to wait for Google to provide official support.

Q. How do I find the version of the python bindings I'm using?

Use -

import ostinato
print ostinato.__version__
print ostinato.__revision__

Q. Does the python package include any debugging features?

Yes. Add the following at the start of your script -

import logging

You can set the logging level for the ostinato module independently from your own script's logging level -


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